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Daruma Progress Check #12

Oh boy, we're getting close to the submission deadline. This time, I mostly did VFX stuff. The tricky part of these past few weeks is that, in order for my vfx stuff to be done, I need finished scenes. Basically, my strategy is to have the houdini scenes absolutely ready to import whatever cameras and geometry I need easily. So far so good on that. My clouds are componential, so I can change their rotations, attributes, and scale to make as unique as possible. Now I have 14 clouds I can change for any use.


  • Daruma Magic for scene 4

  • Clouds for scene 8

  • Outside of hangar concrete texture

Daruma Magic:

This is an example of a playblast of Daruma in scene 4. There are 6 of these so I 'll spare you. I have .rat files and .exr's for our comp artist.


First I took the shot with reference clouds in the background. I labeled them separately with colors and numbers for myself.

Then I modeled rough shapes for them in Modo. Lots of extrusion, lots of jittering.

Then bam! Clouds in Houdini. When the camera is finalized, I'll copy that over and render accordingly.


Not much to say here, I did a concrete texture. I will need to redo it at a higher resolution. That's what I've been up to! See you next blog.

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