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Daruma Progress Check #13

A lot of these past two weeks have been dedicated to fixing problems. I made textures for the plane and that broke the rig somehow and we fixed it. I rendered out some clouds for scene 7. I'm currently working on Daruma's Death. Nothing to show for that yet, unfortunately but will at next review. Feeling those last 4 weeks really pressuring me. Advertised our stuff at a con


  • New Plane Texture

  • 2 shots of clouds rendered

  • Fixed plane

  • Daruma Death scene mostly set up, will explain why it's not fully in a bit

The Con:

I went to Wicked West Comic Expo in Northern Colorado to advertise our stuff. I showed off scene 4 to people and handed out cards and coloring pages with the date of the Redline show. Talked to some people there and we may be able to advertise the show further through a podcast.

New Plane Textures!

Got a critique that the plane was too white and that the glass wasn't quite up to snuff. We agreed, so I fixed that. Above is Kumo's new plane and below are alternately colored ones for the male students.

Clouds for Scene 7

This is one shot from scene 7, need to add some simple key frames to make it look better. Clouds slightly too static.

The Daruma Death Scene:

No really interesting screenshots of this one. Basically, it looks like Daruma with a cam in the scene at this point. It also has the nodes from the previous flake test in there, just have to hook everything up. But John, if it's in the scene and you have the nodes, why haven't you plugged it in? Good question, basically, I wrestled with Houdini for way too long just getting the camera and Daruma to be in the right place.

I've run into an issue in the past where fbx's don't come in at the right scale and everything is broken. No problem, just use alembics. Everything is hunky dory. Except it's not. Alembics don't carry UV info which is really really important if you want to render a thing in Houdini. Fbx's do carry UV info. Also, for some horrible reason, there are 3 separate ways to import them and all of them have changed slightly enough for tutorials to be wrong about key parts of them. Pretty fun. Anyway, I'll figure it out.

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