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Daruma Progress Check #1

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Progress Check #1: I came into this project just this semester, so I have not done anything for the first three weeks of the four for this check because I was not on the team yet. This last week, however, has been spent getting up to speed. This included meeting everyone, learning what the story was, giving input, finding my place within the team structure, and most importantly, getting to work as a part of the team! I did some research for reference on the Diamond Katana airplane, blocked it out, and started detailing. The biggest challenge I see is interacting with the group when we meet in person. I have a job and I can’t always make the meetings. I have rearranged my personal schedule to be more available, but I still see it being tricky. List of Output:

  • Decent progress on the Diamond Katana Model.

To Do By Next Progress Check:

  • Finish Plane Exterior

  • UV Unwrap

  • Plane interior Hero Model.

  • Plane interior Low Detail

  • Read over script and help teammates in any way possible

Stretch Goals:

  • Start work on Hangar and other assets.

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