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Daruma Progress Check #2

Daruma Progress Check #2 This progress check is going to be a bit different. We did quite a bit of research. I brought some of the group on two different field trips. The first field trip was to the Wings Over the Rockies Museum in Centennial that has the DA20 on a pole out front. We got to take a lot of pictures of it from below. The second field trip was to the Broomfield airport where Hannah and I got to fly around in a DA40 which is a slightly different plane in the same family. It’s a 4 seater, so it has a larger engine. The reason I mention that is because while we were out there, Hannah and I recorded some audio from the flight. There was also a change of plans for my tasking. Instead finishing the exterior, we decided that it would be better for me to get a working version of the interior of the plane for the animatic. So I got a real rough version of it going. List of Output:

  • Rough Interior of Plane.

  • Pictures of a Hannah as reference in the plane because she’s the same size as the main character in the short.

  • Animation reference of Hannah getting in and out of the plane.

  • New knowledge of how the plane works and some notes on the physics of the craft.

  • Raw audio of a plane from interior and exterior.

Goals by next progress check:

  • Submit geometry to rest of team for animatic and work with them for whatever they need.

  • Work on the audio to make it palatable (it’s quite loud right now.)

  • Work on detailing out the plane. May take more time than previously thought.

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