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Daruma Progress Check #4

These last couple of weeks have been dedicated to getting the Magic sim for Daruma to a place where shots can easily be imported into my Houdini scene. It’s been tricky to balance all of my classes and work with this project, but I’m being as productive as I can. I also finally added color and animation to the sim as well as making it more cohesive and not too wild. List of Output:

  • Color to the Magic Sim

  • A workflow that allows me to easily swap geometry in Houdini

  • Work with motion in the sim.

To Do By Next Progress Check:

  • A final version of the magic to incorporate into a fully rendered shot

  • Work with Deeps and Nuke to make the magic really come alive in post.

  • Work on the different states of animation in the sim to create different “moods” for Daruma. (E.G. Faster magic with more purple in it for fear.)

Stretch Goals:

  • Make a UI within Houdini so other members can use it if I am unavailable for any reason.

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