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Daruma Progress Check #5

Progress Check #5:

More magic sim and a return to modeling this week. The magic has to be render ready for a test scene render, especially because I will be gone for next week’s class. I’m happy with it, although, I could always tweak it until the end of time. I worked on the model of the plane while I wait for the final animation.

List of Output:

  • Sparkly Magic Sim with animation supplied by other artists in team.

  • More detail on the plane model

  • Fixed flaps on plane.

  • Added Joysticks.

To Do By Next Progress Check:

  • Rendered version of the magic from final animation

  • Work with Deeps and Nuke to make the magic really come alive in post.

  • Finished model of plane.

Output imagery:

Old Version of Flaps: New Version of Flaps (They have a sharper edge now, like a real plane)

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