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Progress Check #10

Doing these progress checks has been good for me. Not only do they keep me accountable, but I feel like I didn't do all that much for the biweek and these prove to me that I actually did a lot. Well, that's neither here nor there, so let's talk about what I did do. There were some issues with textures this fortnight, so I resolved them. I also did some Cool FX things with Houdini, Cesium, OSM, and After Effects (of all things).

List of Output:

  • Fixed Textures

  • An additional face for Daruma for when his magic fades

  • Textured Terrain (may have to redo)

  • New Cloudscape (80% done)

  • Animated Rain Texture for the windshield

Daruma face: This is for when his magic is about to fade. It's supposed to be a bittersweet happiness sort of face. It's one to show that he's happy he's helped Kumo along but sad that they'll have to part ways. Usually, with Daruma Dolls, after a year has passed, you fill in the other eye and burn it whether you accomplished your goal or not.

Here is the textured terrain, I sewed together lots of images from OSM which is an open source map like google maps. I then did a planar projection on my cesium landscape and plopped the texture in and voila! Textured Japanese country side.

Here's a progress view of the texture. As you can see, I screenshotted a lot of times and then used photoshop to automatically sew them together.

Not totally happy with how these clouds are looking for the overcast, but it's a start and I'll work on them further.

Here is the animated alpha map for the rain drops that will go on the plane canopy. I will use this for refraction and make it look roughly like rain. If you think, hmm I don't know how good that will look, it only kinda looks vaguely rainy. I was able to set it up in after effects to show what it will look like with refracted colors. I think it looks rather nice. Credit to Fu Chenqi for the image used in the background.

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