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Progress Check #6

Lots of great stuff! We've had our first scene render and a lot was learned from it: cloth clipping, tracking problems, etc. etc. Stuff we'll learn to overcome! For my part, I did magic sim and everyone else did so much for this! In the meantime, I've modeled the plane a bit more, did the magic sim, and have started dipping my toes into cloud sims.

List of Output:

  • Magic

  • Fixed the elevators on the back of the plane

  • Modeling for exterior of plane to 95% (have to add handle and UV unwrap)

  • Cloud R &D and Cloud generation.


Bit of Interior Modeling

Bit of Exterior Modeling

Bit of Clouds

I'm making clouds out of meshes exported out of other programs. This is a test cloud. As you can see, I can make the clouds look like whatever I want.

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