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Progress Check #9

Been a little bit since my last update. We had our winter break but that doesn't mean we didn't do anything! We've also done some things since the first week of class

List of Output:

  • Made a series of expressions for Daruma

  • Changed the look of the lightning

  • Made a bucket

  • Modeled the runway layout

  • Made a hero runway element

  • Modeled and textured some assets for the runway like signage and altitude indicators

  • Used some satellite data to map terrain and building geometry

Here are the Daruma's expressions, done in substance painter. The middle part of the doll will spin around revealing the next expression.

Here is how the lighting will look in the final, done in After Effects. There are lights in the vdb's in Houdini then the arcs will be done in post with After Effects like is shown here.

Here is a bucket that Kumo will use to stand on in the short.

Here's the layout of the runways. It's based on the Broomfield airport. This is the same airport Hannah and I flew out of to record audio.

Here is what the runways will roughly look like when textured. This is one of two hero runways I will make. The other will be for a closeup shot where the camera will be right next to the runway so it needs more detail in it's texture.

Here are some models that will be on the side of the runway. Their textures are so detailed so that they can be used as foreground elements.

This is terrain data of Japan I got using Cesium and Unreal. This won't be used for too too many shots and may not be used at all, but we have it just in case. The orange dots represent buildings and are mostly rough, cubes. The terrain gets darker in the middle because of how LOD's get exported. Basically, the closer the terrain was to the camera when it was exported, the higher the poly count gets for each individual chunk. I would pair this with textures gained from the USGS satellite data. A slightly different process.

So that's all I did since the last progress check.

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